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15th Century Trip-Hop

...and the return of Moogfest to Asheville, NC!

'Moogfest is a celebration that honors the creativity and inventiveness of Dr. Robert Moog (a resident of Asheville during the last 25+ years of his life), and the legacy of the analog synthesizer.' The festival has featured many "Electronic" based artists, including; Massive Attack, Devo, Pretty Lights, Thievery Corporation, Moby, The Flaming Lips, TV on the Radio & Thomas Dolby. The 2014 festival is now being organized by Detroit based promoters, Paxahau, and has been moved to the Spring, while increasing to 5 days. Also, 'Moogfest will have an expanded local focus, daytime programming, new media art installations and educational exhibits.'

Will Gregory (of Goldfrapp) and Adrian Utley (of Portishead) share their 'favourite bits of studio equipment', especially Moog, with Future Music Magazine

Will and Adrian also discuss composing their new score for the 1928 silent film, The Passion Of Joan Of Arc. More from Adrian while in New York prior to their live on Broadway performance.

Reviews by Spin, The Guardian and the New York Times

*Currently, there is no release info for the soundtrack of The Passion Of Joan Of Arc (Utley/Gregory)

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O, Be Some Other Name...

What's in a name? Tales of Us, the latest release by Goldfrapp, projects like a film score, introducing ten characters, notably "Drew"..

Goldfrapp - Drew

The soaring compositions by Will Gregory embrace the ethereal voice of Alison Goldfrapp, reminiscent of the beauty revealed on their first album, Felt Mountain (Mute)

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Whatever You Do, Don't Blink!

Highlighting the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the regeneration of the latest (12th) Doctor will occur December, 25th on BBC!

The Tenth Doctor describes time as "wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff"

Neil deGrasse Tyson of NOVA explains that between Ray Bradbury, Star Trek and Dr. Who, the Doctor came the closest to describing time.

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New look, new logos, new shows...etc.etc.etc.....

Ok, here's the score, we've actually been super busy since April. Europe was dope, we're looking two be back for two weeks next year for sure, new website is getting built, & we just booked CMJ in NYC as 
 BeatImprint x My Education
October 15th...so.....we will be posting more, & dropping several new releases soon. so stay tuned thanks


Beat Imprint EU 2013 pt.1

Vienna, Budapest, & somewhere that starts w/ an L ..
Dj iko kiko She books various nights in Vienna,
Her track selection is amazing. Needs to do a mix for us.


Sines Grime Street Ep: H-Town Slow & Thorw'd Cop it now on Bandcamp...

Straight outta the dirty South,Houston, Texas, Sines (Leroy Bella ) has quickly become not just one of the busiest producers in stateside bass music but also one with an eye for talent. . Willfully switching sounds and timbres, Sines are equally happy creating dirty bass-influenced rollers as he is twisting acapellas into sub bass workouts.   less



GoldRush – The Third Omen SUPERDOPE!!! COP THIS,ASAP! B-B-BBB-BASSS!!!!!

Generally I won't repost a labels press release for an artist, but I like the way the way they said what they said.... COP THIS RECORD!!!

GoldRush – The Third Omen

“The Third Omen” is the newest release from bass music aficionado and Headtron heavy-hitter GoldRush, released February 14th on Gravitas Recordings. Driven by a mixture of 808 drums and lavish yet tense chord progressions, the seven track EP manifests both sexy and psychedelic characteristics. Slurping and distorted basslines are presented through left-field polyrhythms, which are skillfully alternated with retro synthesis and intelligent lead melody. Vocalists Evar After & Eileen Esposito bring a dreamy, celestial quality to the EP, fitting perfectly with GoldRush’s provocative, jazzy style.
In the first moments of “The First Omen (A.W.A.K.E.)”, it’s difficult to tell where the track will take you — but soon pitch shifting blips merge with stuttering stabs creating a harmonious unison. “Finally on the Fritz” takes a bit more serious tone; it’s arrangement bounces back and forth between sharp, varying bass sounds founded in deliberate composition. Next in line, “Closer” time travels back to GoldRush’s earlier days with a flirtatious vocal and a polished, compelling beat. “Loaded Silence” speeds the pace up, providing a simultaneous haunting and beauteous elation. Classical theory prevails in the title track presented through fluttering keys, but “Forever Yours” closes out the EP in funky fashion, focusing on the vocal’s interplay with the modulated brass and tiny percussion.