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To Repel Ghosts: from Beats and Bass to Basquiat

This album is a special find for me- looking for sounds both bass and groove heavy but still hazy, I discovered this album. Don't skip it, it moves slowly with presence and has pleasing bass stylings hitting like old low-ride autechre, but with a bit more slink. It isn't perfect, but it is damn good.

<a href="http://armennalbandian.bandcamp.com/album/to-repel-ghosts">Bande a Part by Armen Nalbandian</a>

After I spent days listening and enjoying it, I found out more: the cover and name are a reference to one of my favorite artists Jon Michel Basquiat's later works in and to a retrospective show of those same works from 2009. This description

"To repel ghosts is a name that he was using commonly during the last period of his short life, hallucinating about ghosts because of alcohol and drugs. He also had a crisis once, entering the gallery in a rush and destroying all of his paintings to repel ghosts inside them. Probably the owner of the gallery was enjoying the scene, imagining that every piece of his painting will costs like pieces of gold after this crisis. Indeed, there were pieces in the exhibition like this door broken in half."

click here to read the rest of this short description of the show- I would welcome more information about the show and the works if anyone wants to offer it. I love seeing more connections between Basquiat and music.

Armen Nalbandian, the musician behind "To Repel Ghosts" seems to be one to watch. Tapped into similar sources of inspiration and drive as I am, as my world is. Love that sentence fragment. Check out his webpage for more info on his work and loads of visual treats. Definitely get the album.

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